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During the first Presidential Debate New York City
was used as an example of effective use of stop-
and frisk, when it was in effect.  Here are the
..Stop-and-frisk, as it was practiced in New York City,
was ineffective in reducing violent crime. But it had an
overwhelmingly disproportionate impact on young
black and Latino men. The New York Police
Department’s data shows that 90 percent of stops
conducted under stop-and-frisk were young men of
color who had done nothing wrong. And the level of
racial profiling went from discriminatory to absurd:
In 2011, more young black men were stopped and
frisked than there were young black men living in
New York City. This suggests that many young men
were stopped multiple times. That same year,
weapons were found on 1.8 percent of black and
Latino people who were stopped, but on 3.8 percent
of white people who were stopped — nearly double
the rate.
Racism is America’s original sin, and we saw that
racial sin again in the first presidential debate.

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