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And some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him,
"Teacher, rebuke Your disciples." He answered, "I tell you,
if these were silent, the very stones would cry out"
(Luke 19:39-40).
Read Luke 19:39-44
Jesus enters Jerusalem with a large crowd joyfully singing
His praises. Some Pharisees come out of Jerusalem and
urge Jesus to silence His supporters. But Jesus refuses;
this King will have His rightful praise. Even if the people
remain silent, the stones themselves will cry out.
In a few days the Pharisees will have their way. These
praises will fall silent as the crowds begin shouting,
"Crucify, crucify Him!" Reaching the ridge of Jerusalem
Jesus begins sobbing. If only the city realized how easily
it could escape disaster. All its citizens have to do is turn
from their wrongs and trust in Jesus. Woefully, that great
peace is hidden from their eyes.
Jesus' tears flow because His all-knowing eyes see what
will happen here in 40 years. He sees the Roman legions
arriving, encircling the city, and cutting down the trees to
build their siege weapons. He sees violence and disease
breaking out through the doomed metropolis. He sees
starvation and plague ravaging those who remain. He sees
the Romans breaking through the city walls and savagely
attacking the last defenders at the temple walls. He sees
the temple in flames and the defenders being slaughtered,
as they turn from their Roman attackers in a desperate
attempt to extinguish the fires. He sees the temple
reduced to rubble, with not one stone left upon another.
And He weeps bitterly because all this is so needless. If
only they would recognize God graciously visiting them
through His Son.
Lord Jesus, Your heart broke at the senseless devastation
Jerusalem would suffer because of its foolish unbelief.
Guard my heart and mind against unbelief, so I may live
with You in heaven, and not suffer eternally in hell. Amen.
Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

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