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And He began to tell the people this
parable ... (Luke 20:9a).
Read Luke 20:9-19
The representatives of the Jewish high
court have been humiliated in front of
the crowd. They just want to slink back
to the high priest's house, but Jesus
isn't done with them yet. Since they
won't be honest enough to say what they
truly feel about John the Baptist, Jesus
uses a parable that answers their
original question and asserts His
authority to carry on His ministry.
In His parable Jesus uses a few brush
strokes to quickly paint a picture of
God's people. He planted them in the
Promised Land, as a man would plant a
vineyard. He lent His nation out to the
priests and religious leaders, who should
use His Word to tend His people and
prepare them to serve one another and
glorify God with their lives.
When the leaders failed to lead His people
correctly, God sent servant-prophets to
call them back to faithfully fulfill their
work of leading the nation in repentance,
faith and good works. But the leaders beat
and mistreated the prophets and sent them
away empty-handed. Finally, the owner sends
His beloved Son-and they plot to kill Him.
The drama is intense. The leaders know Jesus
is speaking about them, and their rage and
fury grow, even as their hidden plan to
murder God's own Son is openly exposed by
Jesus to all the pilgrims, who have gathered
at the temple courts in Jerusalem.

Lord Jesus, You loved the Jewish leaders and
used a parable they understood to reveal the
enormity of what they were planning to do.
Help me see my sins and run to You for
forgiveness and peace. Amen.
Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

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