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 Why not focus on policies that reduce the demand for
abortion? For example, empowering poor and low-income
women can make a difference in overall pregnancy termination
rates, as this demographic constitutes 75% of abortions.
Increasing access to birth control reduces the rate of
unplanned pregnancies, especially among low income women.
It’s simple: if women don’t get pregnant, then they don’t get
abortions. Providing supports for single mothers is also
beneficial, as more than 80% of those obtaining abortions are
unmarried, most of whom are not living with the father. Family
supports in general can be beneficial as well, considering that
about 60% of women getting abortions already have given birth
at least once. Increasing educational access can also make a
difference, as those who have a college degree are less likely
to have an abortion while those without a high school or college
diploma are more likely. Additionally, racial inequities in all
these areas – education, income levels, and so on – lead to
higher rates of abortions among black women than any other
group and slightly higher rates among Hispanic women. …
Honestly, I wish one of our major parties – or a third party,
whether viable for winning the election or not – holistically
supported life at all stages. My choice would be easier if that
were true. It’s not, though. And I can’t accept that being pro-life
is simply being anti-abortion. That’s not pro-life. It’s not. What
is our Christian witness to those who have been born when we
insist that the lives of the unborn matter more in our votes than
their lives do?
(Shannon Dingle)

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I can’t count the number of times that conservative Christians
have named “the Supreme Court” as the only deciding
question of this election. No matter what else a candidate
says or does or will do on any other issue, the only concern
some people have is what future Supreme Court justices will
decide on one issue — abortion. Things like intellectual
competence, moral character, honesty, emotional maturity
and temperament — and gospel issues like racial bigotry
and the treatment of women — apparently do not matter in
the end to some. Really?
As a Christian who truly believes that abortion is a moral
issue, I am deeply committed to dramatically reducing them.
But criminalizing an often desperate choice is not the answer.
We must also be deeply committed to the economic security,
healthcare, and childcare choices that women need, which
are critical to reducing abortion. I believe in the sacredness
and dignity of life from womb to tomb. But a “consistent ethic
of life” also includes ending poverty, human trafficking, the
death penalty, ceaseless and senseless wars, and weapons
of mass destruction.
(Jim Wallace)
The categories of pro-life and pro-choice are outmoded and
unhelpful. It’s time to find common strategies that promote
the health, sustenance, and equity of women, the sexual
integrity of men and women, the prevention of unwanted
pregnancies, the transformation of adoption systems, and
the care of children both unborn and born. We must
de-politicize abortion, and support women, parents, and
children in the way a society that values all kinds of families
truly should. This is a societal problem to be solved — not
an issue to keep screaming at each other about in ways that
further distort our electoral politics. Lord have mercy.
(Jim Wallace)

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Scripture Amos 6: 1, 3-7 (NIV)
6 1.Woe to you(A) who are complacent(B) in Zion,
    and to you who feel secure(C) on Mount Samaria,(D)
you notable men of the foremost nation,
    to whom the people of Israel come!
4. You lie on beds adorned with ivory
    and lounge on your couches.(A)
You dine on choice lambs
    and fattened calves.(B)
You strum away on your harps(C) like David
    and improvise on musical instruments.(D)
You drink wine(E) by the bowlful
    and use the finest lotions,
    but you do not grieve(F) over the ruin of Joseph.(G)
Therefore you will be among the first to go into exile;(H)
    your feasting and lounging will end.
In a recent news story about wages in America a
reporter asked some one if the minimum wage
should be increased to $15.00 an hour, which
translates to about $31,200 per year for a family
of four.  The respondent said no, that would ruin
the economy.  Later I learned the respondent was
single and makes $30,000 a month--or $360,000
per year.  This kind of thinking is a clear indication
that the practices of the wealthy and even the
middle class are at the expense of the poor.
     Oppressing the poor is a violation of God's
intention for creation, and the injustice must be
addressed.  Exploiting the poor is not just in wages.
 It extends to the us of their land, the slave labor of
women and children, and any abuses of or harm
done to the natural environment.  "alas for those who
lie on beds of ivory and lounge on their couches ....
but are not grieved over the ruin of Joseph!"(vv.4,6). 
How am I contributing to the exploitation of the poor
in the expense of my own lifestyle?
Lord I want to advocate and stand with sisters and
brothers who deserve living wages.  Help me to keep. 
Help me to keep my focus on people, not profit.  
(Covenant Home Altar Velda R. Love author)

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