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"Jesus said to her, 'Mary.' ..." (John 20:16a).
Read John 20:1-18.

After the long, dark weekend, Mary Magdalene left
early Sunday morning to go out to Jesus' tomb.
Already filled with grief and sorrow she saw the
tomb broken open and Jesus' body missing.

She ran to tell the disciples someone had stolen
His body. Peter and John ran out to investigate,
then went back into hiding to consider what they
had seen. Mary stayed behind at the tomb,
overwhelmed with sorrow.

Have you ever stood at a graveside totally lost and
immersed in unspeakable grief? Imagine Mary's
pain, totally shattered by the brutal murder of her

But Jesus had already told His disciples how the
story would end. This was a day of joy and victory;
it was not a day of grief and loss. And so Jesus
came up to her and at the sound of her name on
His lips, the light burst forth and scattered the
darkness of Mary's grief.

When we stand by a loved one's grave, this is a
moment to remember. On the Last Day our loved
ones who are now separated from us, hidden in
the darkness of the grave will stand before us
shining. Their voices that are now still in death will
be music in our ears once again when the Light
comes to raise the dead and vanquish the darkness

We will see Jesus with our own eyes just as Mary
did on that great day of resurrection. And we will
shine in that glorious light forever and ever.


Lord Jesus, thank You for bursting out of the tomb
on this glorious day, revealing our future and that of
our loved ones who have died in faith. Give us joy,
courage and hope as we await that glorious day of
Your return, and help us share it with all. We pray
in Your holy Name. Amen.

Written by Rev. Wayne Palmer


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