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Holy Saturday

"So they (Joseph and Nicodemus) took the body of
Jesus and bound it in linen cloths with the spices,
as is the burial custom of the Jews" (John 19:40).
Read John 19:31-42.

Good Friday is drawing to its close. With the
Passover quickly approaching, Pilate orders the legs
of the crucified men to be broken so they will die
quickly. The legs of the two criminals hanging at
Jesus' side are broken. But since Jesus is already
dead His side is pierced with a spear instead and
out flows blood and water-proof that the King of the
Jews is truly dead.

That's when a secret disciple of Jesus steps forward.
Joseph of Arimathea is a prominent member of the
Jewish high court who did not agree with their
decision to put Jesus to death. He boldly steps out
of the darkness and asks Pilate for permission to
bury Jesus' body. Pilate grants it.

Another secret disciple joins him. The Pharisee
Nicodemus who had snuck through the darkness of
night to talk to Jesus now steps into the light and
helps Joseph lay our Lord's body to rest in Joseph's
new tomb.

But it is only a rest. Death has no hold over Jesus'
body. It cannot even touch His body with the stain of
decay. On the third day He will rise to life and live

One day you and I will be laid in our own graves. But
for all of us who trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior,
our future will be the same as His. Our bodies will
rest in the grave until He returns; then Jesus will
 raise us to share paradise with Him forever.


Lord Jesus, thank You for hallowing our graves through
Your rest in the grave. Fill us with joy and confidence-
even in the face of death-so that we will see You with
our own eyes when You come to wake our bodies from
death. Amen.

Written by Rev. Wayne Palmer

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