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A pastor who, tongue-in-cheek, printed an item in his
Sunday bulletin. In it, he listed all the reasons why he
stopped attending sporting events. He wrote,

"Every time I go, they ask me for money. The fans
don't seem very friendly, and the seats are too hard.
The coach never comes to call on me and the referee
makes decisions that I don't agree with. A lot of the
people come only to see what team jerseys other
people are wearing. Some games extend into overtime,
making me late getting home, and the band plays
some awful numbers that I've never heard before.
Usually the games are scheduled when I want to do
other things, and the stadium brings up bad childhood
memories of my parents taking me there far too many
times. And don't you know it, ever since I read that book
on sports, I know more than the coaches do anyway!
So now I don't take my own children because I want
them to choose for themselves what sport they like best."


(The Staff and editors of Sunday Sermons Online)

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