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(Jesus said) "Let these words sink into your ears: the Son
of Man is about to be delivered into the hands of men"
(Luke 9:44).
Read Luke 9:37-45
Coming down with His three disciples from the Mountain of
Transfiguration, Jesus encounters a demon that His other
disciples are unable to cast out. With divine might and
majesty, Jesus overpowers the demon and sends him away.
The crowd is completely amazed and stands marveling at
what God has done. Jesus knows His disciples are still
clinging to hopes of an earthly kingdom, and He doesn't
want them to get swept away by the excitement of the
crowds. So He turned to talk directly to them. To get their
attention He could have easily said, "Listen carefully.
" Instead, He says something even more striking: "Let
these words sink into your ears."
And what are the extremely important words Jesus has to
tell them? They are these: "The Son of Man is about to be
delivered into the hands of men." Despite their dreams, and
the hope of the crowd following them, Jesus' suffering is
close at hand. He is "about to be delivered into the hands
of men."
But Jesus reveals one more painful fact about His coming
suffering He did not reveal the first time: it will come about
through an act of betrayal. Of course, Jesus knows the
identity of His betrayer, but He withholds that information,
for now. Not only will He be rejected and, consequently,
subjected to violent brutalities and death, but treachery will
be connected with these events as well.
The disciples fail to understand and are afraid to ask Jesus
anything about it. The suspense is building as Jesus'
destiny-and our salvation-draw near.
Almighty God, Your Son single-mindedly set His steps to
fulfill Your plan to save the world. Give me an unwavering
faith to follow Him all my days. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

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