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(Jesus said) "The Son of Man must suffer many
things ..." (Luke 9:22a).
Read Luke 9:18-22
Jesus' disciples have heard His powerful words
and seen many mighty miracles. They believe He
is the promised Messiah. But as soon as Peter
makes his great confession, Jesus sternly
commands the 12 disciples to keep the news to
themselves. The Jewish crowds have the wrong
idea about the Messiah; they think He will be a
great king, driving out the Romans and
establishing an earthly kingdom. Even the
disciples are swept up in this dream. Now Jesus
begins shattering that illusion and teaching them
that He came to save the world through His death
and resurrection.
Jesus is fully aware of all the horrendous things
He will suffer in Jerusalem, but He also knows the
disciples are not ready for all the gory facts. So He
draws a veil over the details and simply says, "The
Son of Man must suffer many things."
But the disciples need to know who will cause His
great suffering. So Jesus teaches them that the
leaders of His own people-the Jewish high court-will
carefully examine Him and reject Him as their
Messiah. They will kill Him through an act of judicial
murder. But Jesus' revelation to the disciples doesn't
end with His death. He clearly states that on the
third day after His death He will be raised.
At Christmas when you look at the Baby dozing in
Bethlehem's manger, this may not be the life you
would picture for Him, but it is exactly what God had
planned for Him since the very beginning.
Almighty God, Jesus was careful to shield His
disciples from all the horrors He knew He would suffer
to save us from our sins. Remind me that You know
every detail of my future and give me confidence You
will make all thing work together for my good. For
Jesus' sake I pray. Amen.
Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

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