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Psalms 119:1-2,4-5,17-18,33-34; I Corinthians 2:6-10;
Matthew 5:17-37
"... go and be reconciled with your brother first"
(Matthew 5:24).
It seems clear, and for a variety of reasons, that many
people feel as though we are living in difficult days.
Perhaps your are among them. In an apparent response
to that mood, there was an amusing image portrayed
recently in a popular magazine. Pictured in a department
store is a shopper, standing in front of an attractive
display of neatly stacked pillows. The store clerk is
pointing to the shelves as he says, "No. These are
pillows for screaming into. You'll find our sleeping pillows
on the second floor."
Of course, difficult days summon in us a variety of
emotions. And while screaming into our pillows is far
better than taking out our frustrations on those closest to
us, the Gospel writers tell us, over-and-over again, that
there is a Truly better way. Put your faith and trust in
God's plan for living and you will be blest. Your faith will
bring you happiness. Your faith will bring you fulfillment.
Your faith will bring you ever closer to becoming the
person God created you to be. Indeed, it is your steadfast
faith that will transform your most difficult days into
Blessed days of fulfillment.
Jesus came into this world and preached a Good News
Gospel about God's Rule and God's Love. Time and again,
and in many different ways, He said, "You will recognize
by their fruits the persons whose faith and trust in God's
ways bring them into His Kingdom." You will know them,
He said, by the difference this faith and trust has made in
the way they live. And because their faith and trust in God
have made a difference in the way they live, they are blest,
they are happy.
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