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And the Child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom.
And the favor of God was upon Him (Luke 2:40).
Read Luke 2:39-40.
Today we take down our Christmas tree, the lights, and all
the decorations. Finally, our house is getting back to normal.
Luke's account of that first Christmas is drawing to a close.
After completing all the tasks God's Law laid out for them to
do, Joseph and Mary left Judea and returned to Nazareth,
where they would raise Jesus. We know from Matthew's
account the reason the couple first left Bethlehem was
because Herod sent soldiers to murder the Christ Child, after
the wise men had come to visit. After spending some time
in Egypt, they returned to Nazareth.
Luke tells us that in Nazareth Jesus grew physically,
experiencing the normal development of a human being. But
he also accumulated the knowledge, wisdom and discretion
He would show throughout His adult ministry. In our Lenten
devotions in March, we will listen to Jesus' own wonderful
message of forgiveness, peace, salvation and eternal life,
and we will follow Him as He courageously faces bitter
opposition and a cross to save us from our sins.
In a sense life was back to normal for Mary and Joseph.
They were home now and Joseph could go back to his
carpenter's shop. But then again, once the Christ Child was
born their lives would never really be the same. This is true
for us too. Even though the trappings of Christmas are gone
for another year, the Christ Child has come into our homes,
and our lives will never be the same either.
Lord Jesus, thank You for coming into our world that first
Christmas, and coming into our hearts this Christmas. Keep
us strong in faith, filled with peace and joy until the day
You return to earth. Amen
(Advent Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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