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... they brought Him up to Jerusalem to present Him to
the Lord (Luke 2:22b).                  Read Luke 2:22-24.
I was really rough on toys when I was a kid. Few of the
presents I opened on Christmas day actually lasted
through the 12 days of Christmas. Sadly, I realize now
that only two of all those great toys still survive to this
day: a Tiny Tonka bulldozer and a gas-powered Cox
mini-van. The van doesn't run, and the bulldozer has a
few rust spots on it, but those two toys stand apart as
special to me because of their physical connection to
my long-gone childhood.
Today's devotion is about the day Jesus was set apart
as someone special. After the eighth-day circumcision,
the next big event for firstborn male children was their
presentation at the temple in Jerusalem, when they
were 40 days old.
The firstborn male child of each family was set apart as
holy to the Lord. And among all the Jewish boys
presented, this Son was unique. Through His miraculous
conception, Jesus was the only male Child who truly
stood apart from all His fellow Israelites, the only One
who was actually holy to the Lord, in, and of Himself.
In His presentation Jesus was officially set apart and
presented to the Lord for the unique work He would
undertake, saving all people from sin, death and hell.
Through faith in Him, God sets you and me apart from
all people, so we may serve the Lord and share Jesus'
story with those around us.
Heavenly Father, through Your Son Jesus Christ, You
have set me apart as holy. Equip me and all your
children in Jesus to share His wonderful salvation with
those around us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
(Advent Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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