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Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the
heavenly host ... (Luke 2:13a).      Read Luke 2:13-14.
One of my favorite Christmas presents was my army men.
Those little, green guys could go anywhere. One of the best
places was in my younger brother's toy parking garage
(remember that big box I claimed as mine?). The soldiers
with flame throwers and bazookas were pretty easy to hit.
But no matter how you threw the Lincoln Log bombs, you
could never pick off the sniper hiding in the elevator. Having
control of that army was amazing.
The shepherds saw an army that first Christmas too. After
the angel made his magnificent announcement, a multitude
of the heavenly host suddenly appeared. Luke described it
as an angel army. The eternal Son of God, now lying as a
Baby in Bethlehem's manger, had created each and every
one of them. He was their Lord, commanding them like a
brilliant general.
Throughout the Old Testament He sent this angel army to
shield and protect His people from their enemies. Now they
have come to sing the praises of their Holy Commander.
They call on all the inhabitants of heaven to give glory to
God for keeping His promises and revealing His grace by
sending His Son as a Man.
Jesus' coming to earth fills heaven with glory and pours
out peace upon the earth. That peace is offered to each and
every man, woman and child. Jesus won that peace with
God through His perfect life and His atoning sacrifice on the
cross. Sadly, many will reject this greatest Christmas gift,
and the peace and protection He came to bring.
Lord Jesus, thank You for Your angel armies who protect
us but, more importantly, thank You for winning our peace
through Your life, death and resurrection. Grant me faith to
never take Your salvation for granted. Amen.
(Advent Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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