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And the child grew and became strong in spirit
(Luke 1:80a).
It's fun to look through our family photo albums.
Christmas after Christmas each of us grows taller.
Before too long girlfriends start showing up, and
then wives, and children of our own. Now the father
of a teenager myself, it's fun to sit down and watch
videos of past Christmases and see my son
growing into a young man-strong in body, mind and
Luke concludes the account of John's birth with
an interesting footnote and a reminder: John "grew
and became strong in spirit, and he was in the
wilderness until the day of his public appearance to
Israel." Since Zechariah and Elizabeth were both a
dvanced in years before John was conceived, it is
quite possible neither of them lived long enough to
see him grow to adulthood. When John was grown
he lived in the wilderness, awaiting the moment the
Spirit of God would stir him to begin his work,
preparing the people of Israel for their Savior.
John wasn't born to remain a little baby and neither
was Jesus. As Christmas Day draws near we take
a moment to look back into the photo album of our
human family. When we do we see our Brother Jesus
on the day of His birth. But Jesus didn't stay that little
Baby in the manger; He grew to be a remarkable man
whose story will unfold more clearly and completely in
the accounts of His adult life. This we will see in the
upcoming Lenten devotions, especially His death and
resurrection that set us free.
In the meantime, as our Christmas devotions continue,
we rejoin Mary and remember the birth of her special
Baby Jesus
Heavenly Father, thank You for sending Your Son to
save us. Open my mind to watch Jesus grow from that
tiny Baby to be my powerful Savior and Lord. In Jesus'
Name. Amen.

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