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Scripture:  Galatians 6: 7-16
One of the poetic phrases handed down from early Pietists
reminds us to live "for God's glory and neighbor's good."
This echoes the Epistle mandate today: "Whenever we have an
opportunity, let us work for the good of all: (v. 10)
     There are no apparent boundaries to who might be the
recipient of our good work, even as there was no limit to Jesus's
understanding of who is our neighbor.  We extend good for all.
To our own people most certainly----family, neighbors, acquaintances.
Yet to others as well----strangers and immigrants, younger and older,
followers of Jesus and believers in Allah.  There are no boundaries to our
responsibility to "work for the good of all."
     Each day there are many opportunities to do good in life.  And with
the opportunity to do good comes the responsibility to do it----FOR ALL.
Make me mindful this day, blessed Lord, to live for Your glory and
my neighbor's good.    Amen
(Covenant Home Altar, David L. Parkyn author)

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