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A wise son heeds his father’s instruction,
but a mocker does not respond to rebukes.
Proverbs 13:1
Our childhood experiences help shape and form who
we are as adults. Some amazing people are able to
take a terrible childhood and become fantastic adults
anyway, but for the most part, children who are raised
well are the ones who turn out well.
We need to take this concept and expand it beyond
our own families. While it is true and necessary that
we must work hard to give our own children positive
experiences in childhood, consequences for
inappropriate behavior when necessary, and provide
them with opportunities that will help them thrive, we
also need to do what we can to help all children around
the world. Not just because it is the moral thing to do,
but also because it is the best thing we can do to
ensure a better future for everyone.
Today, consider contributing to a charity that helps
children. No child should be hungry, hurt, or afraid. As
we take care of all God’s children, we pave the way for
a brighter future – not just for our own children, but for
all children of the world.
With prayers for shalom, peace,
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

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