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(in my humble opinion this is a must read article)
(The following is an article written by Jim Wallis of
Sojourners, because of the length of the article it
will be divided up in parts.)
What Isis and other terror groups who share their
views want is precisely to terrorize us. They want
to turn our fear of them into fear of everyone who
looks like them, and everyone who follows the
religion they are trying to hijack. They want us to
suspect, fear, and hate the 1.6 billion people of the
world who practice Islam--including millions of
Muslim Americans. They want to provoke us to
anger, and they hope, that in our anger and pain
we will overreact.
Right now, unfortunately, they are succeeding with
too many of our fellow Christians, and even with
some of the candidates for our highest political
When ISIS terorrists succeed in provoking
Islamophobic responses, they come closer in their
goal of dividing the world into two categories--
Muslems and non-Muslems--which also brings them
closer to their goal of claiming the mantle of being
the only "true defenders" of Islam. Islamophobic best
directly helps the terrorists recruit more young
Muslems to their cause and makes it harder for other
Muslims to work against them. In the next part Mr.
Wallace discusses some ways that we can deny the
terrorists their victor.

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