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"Silence That Speaks Volumes"
By Rev. Wayne Palmer
Lenten Devotion
The chief priests and the scribes stood by, vehemently accusing
Him. And Herod with his soldiers treated Him with contempt and
mocked Him. Then, arraying Him in splendid clothing, he sent
Him back to Pilate (Luke 23:10-11).
Read Luke 23:10-11.
The Jewish leaders are not happy with Herod. They want him to
condemn Jesus, but he's not interested in a trial. He's holding an
audition for a court magician. The scribes are vehement, trying to
force his attention back to the trial at hand, but he totally ignores
Jesus' silence speaks volumes. He won't even dignify Herod's
childish fascination with an answer. But the governor is deaf to
Jesus' silent message. He doesn't take a moment to think about
his behavior, his guilt in having John the Baptist beheaded. He
doesn't think of what he owes this Man who stands trial before
him-or what he owes the God to whom he will one day have to
Finally, Herod gives up on Jesus. Since Jesus is giving him the
silent treatment, he will return the favor. He begins mocking Him
and treating Him with contempt, and his soldiers quickly join in.
Since Jesus claims to be King of the Jews, He needs royal robes.
So Herod dresses Him in splendid clothing.
Why didn't Herod reach a verdict? He could certainly have scored
points with the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem if he condemned
Jesus. But he'd been down that road before. Back when he had
John the Baptist executed, he took a huge hit with his subjects
up in Galilee who held John to be a prophet (see Matthew 14:5).
There was no way he was going to order Jesus' execution too.
Instead, Herod sends Jesus back to Pilate.
Lord Jesus, You didn't come for my entertainment, but for my
eternal salvation. When I enter Your house for worship, give me a
heart that seeks Your grace, not my own selfish enjoyment. Amen.
(Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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