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By Rev. Wayne Palmer
Ash Wednesday:

Read Exodus 12:21-24. TEXT: Now the Feast of Unleavened
Bread drew near, which is called the Passover (Luke 22:1).

The backdrop for our Lenten journey is the Jewish Passover.
Long before Jesus' day this Jewish festival enjoyed a rich, long
history, dating back to the time of the Exodus when God
delivered His people from slavery in Egypt.

The Passover was the tenth and final plague God brought upon
Egypt. Since Egypt's leader, Pharaoh, had stubbornly refused
to obey His command to free the Israelites, at midnight God
would send a destroying angel to pass throughout the land of
Egypt and kill all the firstborn children, including Pharaoh's own

But in love, God provided a way to escape this devastating
plague. A lamb could be slain in place of the firstborn and its
blood spread over the door frame of the house. When the angel
of death reached a blood-marked house, God would command
it to pass over and leave the firstborn unharmed.

Now we join Jesus as He prepares to celebrate His last Passover
festival. While reminding His followers of that first great
deliverance, He prepares to accomplish an even greater
deliverance by sacrificing Himself and shedding His own blood on
the cross of Calvary. All who believe on Him are marked by His

Then on the Last Day when Jesus Christ returns to raise the dead,
He will command the angel of death to pass over all believers who
are marked in His blood by faith.


Lord Jesus, Passover Lamb of God, thank You for offering Your
own body and blood to deliver us from the angel of death. During
this Lenten season deepen my appreciation for Your great sacrifice
that I may be so thankful I won't be able keep the glorious news to
myself. Amen.

(Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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