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The Epiphany of Our Lord:

Read Matthew 2:11-12. TEXT: And going into the house
they saw the Child with Mary His mother, and they fell
down and worshiped Him. ... (Matthew 2:11a).

The long journey of the wise men is complete. They enter
the house and see the young Child with His mother. They
fall down before Him in joyous humility and present Him
with their costly gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Undoubtedly, Joseph will use these gifts to fund their
unexpected escape to Egypt when Herod sends his
soldiers to kill Jesus.

Our Advent journey is now complete, but our life journey
is not. Today in the Christian church the Christmas
season gives way to the Epiphany season. This new
season stretches until Ash Wednesday and the season
of Lent, when we turn our attention to the reason our
Savior was born, the reason He walked among us, the
reason He bore the name "Jesus." We will watch Him
take our sin, guilt and punishment upon Himself and
suffer and die in our place on the cross.

But today we anticipate the day our life's journey will
come to its end. Then with exceeding joy and gladness
we, like the wise men and the shepherds, will enter into
the presence of our Lord, our Savior, our Creator, and our
Brother. We will bow in sweet adoration, and rejoice in
His glorious presence forever. We will hear the angels'
adoration and rejoice with Jesus Christ, the Son of God
and Son of Mary.


Lord Jesus, thank You for journeying through this life for
us, and for journeying with us through our lives. Guide
us safely home and keep us in joyful anticipation of
entering Your presence forever. We pray in Your Holy
Name. Amen.

( Wayne Palmer Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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