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"The Lord has heard my supplication: the Lord accepts
my prayer. (Psalm 6:9)


Do you pray?  I mean do you talk with God?  It's an honest
question isn't it?  First there has to be a premise here that
you believe in God.  For this reflections sake I am assuming
that you do.  

Then again I'm asking you this question, Do you pray?  It's
not difficult to answer, either you do or you don't. If you do
talk with God, Do you think that God accepts what you have
to say. Do you really think He cares?

Now I know that your not going to be surprised at what I'm
about to say, but I really and truly believe that God really
cares about our prayers. Out of all His creation and all the
billions of people on this earth, GOD LISTENS TO ME AND
HE LISTENS TO YOU! Now my more cynical friends would
ask me to prove it.  Well to be really honest I can't.  But
there's something I know, something I feel, something
that is within me, it's called "Faith". I can't explain it and I
can't see it, but I know my faith is there.  And through my
faith I know God hears and accepts what I have to say to
Him. And yes God answers me, no He does not whisper in
my ear, or appear before me in the darkness of night. But
I know He answers my prayers. You know how I know,
because whatever my conversation with God is, it comes
out in my life. Whether it is request, a word of praise and
thanksgiving, or a concern for someone else, it always
becomes apparant in my life. It always makes my life
better and so much happier even when it's not what I
thought I wanted for my life. It's what God wants, and
that's what makes my life better.  And when I don't pray,
when I try to do things on my own without talking with
God, my life is miserable.

So I guess I'm one of those "cornball" Christians that
believe that God hears and He anwsers prayer. But I'm a
happy "cornball" Christian.  How about you?


Thanks God for the conversation, I love You! Amen

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