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During World War II, Joe Louis, the champion heavyweight
boxer, was one of several celebrities scheduled to say a
few words at a fund-raising rally for the Navy Relief Society.
"I was nervous," Louis said. "I didn't know what to say.
Somebody told me the President would be listening on the
radio, so I especially wanted to get my speech off to a
good start. Just before I was called up to the mic, I asked
a friend sitting next to me how I ought to start off. He told
me to say something upbeat about the war, like, 'My
fellow Americans, God is on our side!' As I walked up to
the stage, I stumbled on the steps and lost my
concentration, so instead, when I got to the mic I said,
'My fellow Americans we are on God's side.'" Mr. Louis
may have stumbled on the steps, but he didn't stumble
at the mic. It's never a question of whether or not "God
is on our side." Rather, it's a question of whether or not
we are on God's side.

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