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Proverbs 24:16 we read, “for though the righteous fall
seven times, they rise again

The verse doesn’t say that the righteous get up again;
rather the language is very precise when it specifies
that the righteous rise again. This teaches us that not
only do the righteous get up after failure, but they rise
to new heights. They are greater than they were before
they fell in the first place.

We keep pushing forward even when we fail. It’s only
through perseverance and pressing on that we are able
to reach our goals. From every failure, we get smarter;
from every fall, we can rise higher.Consider the following:
Babe Ruth, who held the world record for the most
home runs also struck out 1,330 times. Michael Jordan,
one of the greatest basketball stars of our times, was
cut from his tenth-grade basketball team. Abraham
Lincoln lost eight elections, failed at two businesses,
and suffered a nervous breakdown before he was elected
president of the United States; now he is considered
one of the greatest presidents in American history. The
list goes on and on


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