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By Rev. Wayne Palmer

"Jesus said, 'I will be with you a little longer. ..
.'" (John 7:33a).

Read John 7:33-44.

People are divided over Jesus. Some believe in Him. Others
don't. Many are undecided. Jesus warns them to make up
their mind: "I will be with you a little longer."

I learned that lesson the hard way when I was 19. One Friday
afternoon my boss handed me my paycheck on the way
home. A couple hours later he collapsed at his bowling alley
and died. My chance to talk to him, learn from him, and
reach out to him was gone forever.

Soon Jesus will be gone. He will die on a cross and be
buried. After three days He will rise again, but the vast
majority will never see Him again-only a few select believers
God will choose to be witnesses of His resurrection to the

The clock is ticking for us too. Each of us has only a limited
amount of time before we die and our chance to find salvation
through faith in Jesus Christ ends forever. But often we are
content with the way life is going. Or we think it doesn't matter
what you believe, God will be satisfied if you just try to live a
good life.

But that is a false hope and a false comfort. God has provided
only one way to save us, and that is through His Son Jesus
Christ. Jesus satisfied God's holiness and justice by taking
our sins on Himself and suffering and dying in our place on
the cross. No one else could do it. Now is the time to come
to Him and walk in His light.


Lord, draw me to You while there is still time. Shine in my life
that others may turn to the Light of the world, while they still
have time. Amen.

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