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By Rev. Wayne Palmer

Read John 7:1-13.
"After this Jesus went about in Galilee. He would not go about
in Judea, because the Jews were seeking to kill Him" (John 7:1). 

Lenten Devotion- Even though the crowds thin around Jesus,
He won't stop preaching and sharing the Gospel. He remains in
the north in Galilee, avoiding the southern region and Jerusalem
where the Jewish leaders are waiting to kill Him.

But His brothers notice this and think He is being unwise. If He
wants to make a name for Himself He needs to go to Jerusalem
where He will actually have an audience. At first glance it sounds
like they are really interested in His ministry and want Him to
succeed. But then we read John's comment, "Not even His
brothers believed in Him."

Jesus remains behind when they leave for the festival. It must be
surprising to the crowds when Jesus doesn't show up at the Feast
of Tabernacles. Each day they come to the temple expecting Him,
but He is nowhere to be seen. The people wonder and whisper
about Him. Some say He is a good man; others think He is
misleading the people. But no one speaks openly for fear of the
Jewish religious authorities.

Do you have the courage to speak of Jesus in your family and
among your friends and coworkers? As we will see, many of the
people who saw Jesus' great miracles and heard His powerful
words were more afraid of losing their place in society than of
displeasing the God who will be their Judge on the Last Day.
For this sin, too, Jesus is on His way to the cross for our


Lord, help me to see You with new eyes this Lent so that Your
light may shine through the darkness of my mind. Give me
courage to speak of Your great salvation with boldness, joy and
confidence. Amen.

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