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By Rev. Wayne Palmer

Read John 6:22-27.
"Jesus answered them, 'Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking
Me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of
the loaves'" (John 6:26).  

Lenten Devotion- After the festival Jesus returned north to Galilee.
He spent a whole day preaching and then fed the huge crowd with
five loaves and two fish. That night after He sent them away, He
walked across the Sea of Galilee. Gathering again the next day,
the crowds walked around the lake to find Him.

At first those people sound like genuine followers of Jesus. But
our Lord knows better. They aren't really there for Him; they are
there for themselves. They want Jesus to be their king -- but only
on their terms. They aren't concerned with their deep eternal needs
like He is; they only want what Jesus can give them in the present.

We can be just as near-sighted as they. We are consumed with
today's needs and desires, but we don't see the more significant
eternal gifts Christ comes to bring. So we ask Him to help us
through our needs and problems, but we don't give a single thought
to His Kingdom and the part He would have us play in that Kingdom.

That is why coming to Christ in worship is so vital. Each week in
church He shows us the bigger picture -- the unending punishment
we deserve for our selfish, disobedient lives, as well as the
forgiveness and eternal future He gives us through His life, death and
resurrection. Yes, He knows and cares about all our earthly needs
and will provide for each of them just as He has provided for our
eternal needs.


 Lord Jesus, when I get too wrapped up in this life and my daily needs,
lift my eyes to see the glorious future You have won for all of us by
Your life, death and resurrection. Amen.

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