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"Those Rest Stops Along the Way"

Read Matthew 21:8-11.
The crowds that went before Him and that followed
Him were shouting, "Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed
is He who comes in the Name of the Lord." Matthew 21:9A

Rest Areas: they must have seemed like paradise to my
parents; they certainly were for us. They were a welcome
opportunity to get out of the crowded car, stretch our legs,
run around a little bit, and go to the bathroom.

But on second thought I have to take that back. I'm a grown
man now. I'll admit at certain times on long trips rest areas
are very welcome. But most times they are unwanted
interruptions that do nothing but draw out a trip that's too
long already! I find myself thinking of the progress we've lost --
the distance we could have covered if we had just stayed on
the road.

That's how stopping for church services can seem, especially
at this busy time of the year. We have so much to accomplish
every weekend and so little time to do it. Can we really afford
to stop and take the time to get ready and go to church?

Jesus thought so. The works He was doing were far more
important than the things that occupy our time. Yet He did not
neglect worship in the house of God. He knew life's journey can
consume us if we don't take time to rest, let God restore us,
and be reminded of the final destination at the end of life's road.

He also wants to remind us we aren't travelling alone. Rest
areas remind us of that fact too. The road is filled with people
just like us, each trying to reach his or her destination. Your
church is your rest area. It's an important place for you to stop
and get a little rest, get your mind off the difficulties of the journey,
and refocus on the end of the journey. The end of the journey is
an eternity of peace, joy, and wonder awaiting you. Weekly
worship is a place and time for you to gather with your fellow
travelers -- your brothers and sisters in Christ-and encourage one
another as you blend your praises for the Savior who has won
your home for you.

Churches, like rest areas, are interesting places. Some travelers
are weary when they enter; others are fresh and excited. Some
are eager to get back on the road again; others don't mind taking
some time away from it. Some dread the idea of piling back into
the car and hitting the road. It's important to remember a rest area
isn't home and neither is church. It's simply a place to pause and
refresh on the way to our true home.


Lord Jesus, You know I need times of rest just like all people.
Thank You for providing Your Church as a true rest area. Refresh
my heart and mind this weekend, so I may be restored and
renewed for the journey that lies ahead. Amen.
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(Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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