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Yesterday I spoke about how I am thankful for God's
Grace.  The Lord has been so good to me. As I
participate in Thanksgiving there is something I
want to keep in mind.

I must remember, especially today, that there are
492 billionares living in this country.  There are 16
million children living in poverty.  THAT IS NOT RIGHT!
No matter what your faith is, no matter what your
politics are, even if you don't have any faith, even
if you don't claim any politics, THAT IS NOT RIGHT!

This Thanksgiving Day let me remember that there
are 16 million children who have nothing to be
thankful for, that's right nothing.  On this day as
I sit in front of this wonderful meal, with the family I
Iove, let me ask myself "What am I going to do
about all those children"?

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