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Scripture: John 11:1-27

The Raising of Lazarus


Martha's situation in this passage is hopeless and
frustrating, yet her faith in Jesus power to resurrect her
brother, Lazarus, is unmoved by her despair and confusion.
She still trusts Jesus, even now that her brother has been
dead for days. It's as if Martha is saying, "This is not over
until you say it's over, Jesus. And you haven't said it's over!"
Maybe you lost someone you love this year. Or maybe the
money finally ran out. Perhaps the sun set on a dream you
had for your family or for your career or for your church.
Whatever it is, were ever your "even now" happens to be
today, remember that hope has not flown. Not with Jesus
still on the scene. Even now as my friend and author Bo
Stern says, he can turn your sorrows and trade them for
laughter and singing and spinning and joy. Even now.


Jesus, forgive me for all the times I've given up on or been
frustrated with you. Broaden my perspective and your great
love today, and teach me to see how, even now, hope is not
lost. Amen

(from The Covenant Home Altar, Kristin Lunsford author)

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