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Election Day is quickly approaching. From the border
crisis to administrative action, immigration reform has
captured the nation’s attention this campaign season.
Unfortunately the human faces and substantive
questions of this issue are often lost among the
political barbs and relentless attacks. What is usually
missing from the debate over immigration policy is
any firsthand and honest understanding of those
suffering from the failures of our current system.

There are a few basic things Christians can do this
campaign season to enhance the debate. We should
refuse to accept talking points and push leaders to
answer our questions in depth. Few topics are simple
enough to be addressed by a 30-second sound bite.
It is also important that we raise the issues that matter
to us. Every candidate for federal office should
articulate where they stand on immigration reform
because this is one of the defining issues of our time.
Finally, our leaders need to be reminded that the faith
community is invested in this issue because of our
convictions about “welcoming the stranger.”

In a system that rarely puts people before politics, we
must do all we can to put the families caught up in our
broken system front and center this election season.

In faith,
The Sojourners Immigration Team

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