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God is always calling us back to him

Have You Embarrassed Your Heavenly Father?

"Such people claim they know God, but they deny
him by the way they live."
Titus 1:16 NLT

Embarrassing God

Not so long ago I saw a man shopping in a grocery
store while his young son ran up and down the aisles.
The boy was unleashed and hyper, making a complete
nuisance of himself. The father kept calling his son's
name, but the boy only ran faster — up one aisle and
down the other.

Just as the father caught up with him, the boy reached
out and grabbed a handful of candy bars. The father
tried to take them away, but the boy held on tightly.
Then he started to scream. It was a high-pitched,
piercing scream that reverberated throughout the store.
Clerks and customers turned to look from every
direction as the frustrated father tried his best to
squelch his son's cries. The boy only screamed louder
and started to kick. Finally the father let him go, and
once again he ran down the aisle with all his might,
chocolate still clutched in his greedy little grip.

I caught a glimpse of the father's face. It was the look
of complete and total embarrassment. Although I'm
sure he loved his son dearly, at this moment he was
ashamed to be his father.

Do you think God ever feels that way with his children?
Imagine how he must feel when we become so earthly
minded that we run through life, ignoring his voice and
oblivious to his warning, grabbing things as we go and
holding them tightly.

Do you think God doesn't get embarrassed by the way
his children act? Our life is a reflection of his authority.
And when we disobey, he is the One the world scoffs

From Embracing Eternity by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B.
Jenkins and Frank M. Martin (Tyndale) p 148

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