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Read Psalm 2.

TEXT: For kingship belongs
to the Lord, and He rules over the nations
(Psalm 22:28).

On this day when we remember Jesus'
death on the cross, we often think of Him
as the Victim. We think of His pain and
agony, the enemies that taunted, mocked
and ridiculed Him, as well as His bitter
suffering and death for our sins.
But there is another side to Good Friday.
It focuses on Christ as the great Victor. He
is likened to young David, carrying only
a sling and a few smooth stones to engage
in a battle to the death against the giant
Goliath, coated in heavy armor,standing
behind his shield, arrogantly shaking his
spear and sword.

On this day Jesus our King goes up all
alone to battle to the death with the giant
Satan, rattling his weapons of sin, death
and hell. Jesus comes as the King and
Defender of all nations. He stumbles along
the road, beaten and battered. He carries
no weapons, no shield, only the rough cross

Our Hero looks weak, helpless, and easily
defeated as He falls to His knees again and
again, but in His suffering and death He
crushes the serpent's head. He frees us
from God's wrath, from dire punishments on
earth and in hell.

At the end of the battle He stands alone --
Satan, sin, death and hell have all fallen --
 vanquished, crushed, defeated. In three days
He will rise from the grave in majesty and power,
with complete and total victory. There can be no
doubt -- He truly is the King of Kings and Ruler
over all the nations.


Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for Your great
victory over all our enemies. Lead our celebration
of that great deliverance as we await the day we
will see You face to face -- our
victorious Warrior and King. Amen.

(Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries)

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